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building permits

Zoning compliance required - Application available on Zoning Page

Helpful Building Guide

Available to Download

- Building Permit Application

- Demo Permit Application

- Electrical Application and Instructions, important - Please read

- Plumbing Permit Application

- Mechanical Permit Application

Building Permit

Inspector - Adam Dahlgren

Office Hours - 9am - 12pm - Wednesday

Contact - Phone 269-998-2765

Send completed applications to: Adam Dahlgren, Howard Township, 1345 Barron Lake Rd, Niles, MI  49120

Make checks payable to: Howard Township

Electrical Permit

Inspector - Ron Bellaire

Office Hours - None

Contact - Phone - 269-663-3429

Send completed applications to: Electrical Inspector, 66751 Conrad Road, Edwardsburg, MI  49112
Make Checks payable to Howard Township

Plumbing and Mechanical Permit

Inspector - John Dobberteen 

Office Hours: - None

Contact - Phone - 269-625-7648

Send completed application to Plumbing Inspector, 400 S. Monroe St, Sturgis, MI  49091
Make Checks payable to Howard Township


contact info

Howard Township
1345 Barron Lake Road
Niles, MI  49120
Telephone: 269-684-0072
Fax: 269-262-0326


Hours: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm

(Closed Monday's)

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